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Company Name ALT attribute PT YKK ZIPCO INDONESIA
Industry Manufacturing
Job Information Engineering: Teknik Listrik Arus Kuat
Japanese Speaker/Translator: Minimum JLPT N3
Mechanic/Maintenance: Preventive Maintenance

All of Positions in Engineering line and Administrative.

Dealine for application: 31 August 2019
Employment Type Full Time • Part Time • Internship
Work Location Cibitung, Cikarang
Required Degree Diploma 3 years (D3)
Diploma 4 years (D4)
Required Major Accounting/Finance • Architecture • Art & Design • Biology • Business & Management Studies • Chemistry • Commerce/Marketing • Communication and Media Studies • Computer Science and Information Systems • Economics & Econometrics • Education & Training • Engineering: Biological • Engineering: Chemical • Engineering: Civil and Structural • Engineering: Electrical and Electronic • Engineering: Industrial • Engineering: Manufacturing & Production • Engineering: Mechanical • Engineering: Other • Language and Literature • International Relations/Studies/Affairs • Japanese Language and Literature • Law & Legal Studies • Liberal Arts • Logistics/Supply Chain Management • Mathematics/Physics • Medicine/Pharmacology • Politics/Public Policy • Psychology • Statistics and Operational Research • Science: Other • Other
Internship Information -
Company Profile YKK Fastening Indonesia Group (PT. YKK Zipper Indonesia and PT. YKK Zipco Indonesia), has been operating for 38 years in Indonesia. Today, we are entering a period of transition and stepping up to a new level of raising our awareness. Since our customers have been expanding their material procurement to the world scale to seek for the best choice, we are also urged to develop our business in order to offer suitable service to customers in a global level, without any boundaries.
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