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Company Name Traffic Sim Co., Ltd. TRAFFIC SIM Co., Ltd.
Industry IT

1 to 2 people

Main mission:
• Program development (C / C ++, python, PHP, javascript, bash scripts etc.)
• Planning and designing software systems

Other missions:
Improve communication skills in English by Traffic Sim employees

Capabilities needed:
• Programming skills at least one language
• English ability, able to speak English to other members actively

Candidates with following abilities are welcome:
• Able to operate Linux
• Knowledge of PC hardware
• Knowledge about AWS or Cloud Computing
• Signal processing capability
• Ability to design electronic circuits
• Japanese language skills (daily conversation level)

Basic salary:
240,000 - 350,000/month
This is set higher than the basic salary of new graduates in Japan. The candidates must have certain level of technological skill.

Overtime benefits:
Additional payment (normally around 30 hours/month)

Housing allowance:
15,000 yen/month if you are the head of household

Spouse Allowance: 8,000 yen/month

Child support:
4,000 yen per month per person. However, 8,000 yen/month per person after the third person.

Bonus: Provided twice a year (June and December).
The first bonus after joining is the number of months passed after joining (rounded up to less than 1) × 10,000 yen The second bonus after joining a company is 1.25 months basic salary. The third and subsequent bonus after joining the company is determined by the company's performance and the performance of that person.

Probation period: For 3 months

Holiday: Saturday, Sunday and holidays, December 29-January 3

Paid Holiday:
6 months after joining the company: 10 days
After 1 year 6 months: 11 days
After 2 years 6 months: 12 days
After 3 years 6 months: 14 days
After 4 years 6 months: 16 days
After 5 years 6 months: 18 days
After 6 years 6 months: 20 days
Since then, every year: 20 days

Work visa: Get an engineer for 3 years. The acquisition fee will be paid.

About housing, we decided after meeting people and contracts at the company. The rent will be paid once by the company and then reduced by the amount equivalent to the housing allowance from the monthly salary.

Cost of travel to Japan
The company will pay the date and time of arrival of the first flight.

Our salary is the end of the month/after the end of the following month. Therefore, we will pay 200,000 yen as a subsidy for living expenses up to the first salary after joining the company.

Reduction of Salary Assumptions
+ The cost of reimbursing housing costs is reduced by housing allowances
+ The cost of home utilities for company replacement
+ Income tax, social security contributions, work insurance, resident tax: after the second year
Employment Type Full time • Part time • Internship
Work Location Japan
Required Degree Diploma 3 years (D3)
Diploma 4 years (D4)
Required Major Accounting/Finance • Architecture • Art & Design • Biology • Business & Management Studies • Chemistry • Commerce/Marketing • Communication and Media Studies • Computer Science and Information Systems • Economics & Econometrics • Education & Training • Engineering: Biological • Engineering: Chemical • Engineering: Civil and Structural • Engineering: Electrical and Electronic • Engineering: Industrial • Engineering: Manufacturing & Production • Engineering: Mechanical • Engineering: Other • Language and Literature • International Relations/Studies/Affairs • Japanese Language and Literature • Law & Legal Studies • Liberal Arts • Logistics/Supply Chain Management • Mathematics/Physics • Medicine/Pharmacology • Politics/Public Policy • Psychology • Statistics and Operational Research • Science: Other • Other
Internship Information -
Company Profile Traffic Sim is a company that develops and provides automated monitoring, recording and monitoring solutions for digital broadcasting.

It is a system that supports stable operation of broadcasting and video distribution from the shadow, but the delivery system total number of monitoring target channels until now reaches more than 5000 channels, and today, construction of a large scale surveillance recording system with multiple bases all over the country.

With the theme of labor saving that does not become a black box, we are promoting development by incorporating new technologies.
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