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Company Name ALT attribute Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd.
Industry Construction Consultant
Job Information Research, planning, survey, design, analysis, management and engineering positions and administrative positions.

Japanese Language Level:
Daily Conversation to Business Conversation level
Employment Type Full Time • Part Time • Internship
Work Location Tokyo Head Office
Required Degree Diploma 3 years (D3)
Diploma 4 years (D4)
Required Major Accounting/Finance • Architecture • Art & Design • Biology • Business & Management Studies • Chemistry • Commerce/Marketing • Communication and Media Studies • Computer Science and Information Systems • Economics & Econometrics • Education & Training • Engineering: Biological • Engineering: Chemical • Engineering: Civil and Structural • Engineering: Electrical and Electronic • Engineering: Industrial • Engineering: Manufacturing & Production • Engineering: Mechanical • Engineering: Other • Language and Literature • International Relations/Studies/Affairs • Japanese Language and Literature • Law & Legal Studies • Liberal Arts • Logistics/Supply Chain Management • Mathematics/Physics • Medicine/Pharmacology • Politics/Public Policy • Psychology • Statistics and Operational Research • Science: Other • Other
Internship Information -
Company Profile Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd. (TEPSCO) was established in December 1960 as an affiliated company of Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated (TEPCO) to provide consulting services for electric power industry. TEPSCO are an expert team of professionals in civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, geological engineering and environmental protection. These specialties enable TEPSCO to provide high-quality services in construction projects for hydroelectric and thermal power generation; overhead and underground transmission lines; substations; and renewable energy resources.
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