Participating Company

Company Name PERSOL Logo Partners, Co. Ltd.
Industry Solar Energy
Job Information Come & join our company!
Through this solar power we turn on nature to generate new energy and participate in a sustainable life for future.


  • Have a car license
  • Able to work in Japan
  • All Major can apply
  • Can speak Japanese daily conversation
  • Work Place
    1. Kesennuma Miyagiken, Kesennumashi, Hongo 10-13 Tookan Building, 1st Floor
    2. Sendai Miyagiken, Sendaishi, Aobaku Kokubunchou 1-4-9 Enspace Sunword building
  • Salary Start from 180.000 yen
  • Salary increase Once a year (February)/according to work performance
  • Benefit: Health Insurance, Welfare Insurance, Employment Insurance, Accident Insurance, Transport, family allowance.
  • Working time 8:30 – 17:30 (work break: 90 minutes)
  • Work Location Japan
    Required Degree Diploma 3 years (D3)
    Diploma 4 years (D4)
    Required Major All Major
    Internship Information -
    Company Profile Partners, Co. Ltd. create electricity from solar energy for good living and green earth.
    With electricity system we make, we believe we can light the future.

    Solar Advisor
    Everyone has a different rhythm of life and family structure, the machine used are different. So we design plan and system that are suitable for customer.

    Construction of solar electric system
    We use the material for the roof to make a panel solar system. We make according to customer wishes.

    Electricity with solar energy work has not been completed, to be used for a long time and safety, maintenance is required

    Agriculture (New)
    The use of solar energy above the ground is also called solar sharing. With solar energy, it can be accelerated for the ripening of agricultural product so that food can be served faster.
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