Participating Company

Industry Nursing Care • Hygiene Consultation • Human Resources
Job Information 1. R&D and Execution on Care Technology
2. R&D and Execution on Global HR Database Matching Business

Deadline for application: 31 August 2019
Employment Type Full Time • Part Time • Internship
Work Location Japan: Tokyo Head office
Required Degree Diploma 3 years (D3)
Diploma 4 years (D4)
Required Major All major
Internship Information Available
Company Profile Life group established in 1987, has implemented the “Social Mission Business” which is solves social problem through business. Currently, our conducting business mainly in 1. Nursing care business, 2. Hygiene consultation business and 3. Human resources business.

In the nursing care business, we are focusing on developing the Care technology, this develop of cutting-edge technology that utilizes AI and IoT for elderly people and send it from japan that who already has experiences in the world’s no.1 aging society and super aging society that has been know in southeast Asian countries.

After completed the demonstration, our products are ready for commercialization. In the future, we believe that care technology market is an indispensable technology for japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and other countries that will enter era of aging society.

In addition, the human resources business in our perspective is solving the global problem about unevenness workers is international mobility of human resources.

The business solves the current poverty and wealth gap problem by realizing the international mobility of human resources across borders. In order to do this, we have launched the international human resources database matching site

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