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Company Name ALT attribute IIJGS INDONESIA
Industry Information Technology (IT) Management
Job Information Cloud Services, System Integration, IT Consultations, and System Development, etc.

Deadline for application: 1 August 2019
Employment Type Full Time • Part Time • Internship
Work Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Required Degree Diploma 3 years (D3)
Diploma 4 years (D4)
Required Major Accounting/Finance • Architecture • Art & Design • Biology • Business & Management Studies • Chemistry • Commerce/Marketing • Communication and Media Studies • Computer Science and Information Systems • Economics & Econometrics • Education & Training • Engineering: Biological • Engineering: Chemical • Engineering: Civil and Structural • Engineering: Electrical and Electronic • Engineering: Industrial • Engineering: Manufacturing & Production • Engineering: Mechanical • Engineering: Other • Language and Literature • International Relations/Studies/Affairs • Japanese Language and Literature • Law & Legal Studies • Liberal Arts • Logistics/Supply Chain Management • Mathematics/Physics • Medicine/Pharmacology • Politics/Public Policy • Psychology • Statistics and Operational Research • Science: Other • Other
Internship Information -
Company Profile Internet Initiative Japan Inc. was founded on Japan’s first commercial ISP in 1992. Ever since then, IIJ has been providing a wide range of highly reliable Internet-related services as one of the industry’s leading pioneers. The IIJ Group’s solutions have been adopted by about 11,000 organizations, with a focus on major corporations and government agencies, lauding the reliability of IIJ services.

A defining strength of IIJ, is its comprehensive service solutions. Not being limited to Internet connections services, IIJ also provides outsourcing services in forms such as Cloud and Security Services. Along with services such as WAN services to safely connect various offices, and even system Integration services, the IIJ Group can provide for any and all needs that a customer may have.

Cloud Services in particular, has been a major focus of IIJ’s efforts in recent years. Being a resource on demand provider since before the term ‘cloud Ewas even coined, IIJ has over a decade of experience in Cloud technologies. By 2009, IIJ had released their official cloud service ‘IIJ GIO E and had exported that service overseas in 2012. Currently, with a presence in 9 countries, 7 of which provide Cloud Services locally, IIJ strives to use its ever-expanding service menu of highly reliable services to support the overseas exploits of Japanese companies.
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