Participating Company

Company Name ALT attribute General Engineering Inc.
Industry Hiring agency for industrial and automotive industry
Job Information Technical: development, design, experiment, research, production engineering, production control, quality assurance, etc.

Japanese Language Level requirement:
Daily Conversation to Business Conversation Level
Employment Type Full Time • Part Time • Internship
Work Location Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, and other areas)
Required Degree Diploma 3 years (D3)
Diploma 4 years (D4)
Required Major Accounting/Finance • Architecture • Art & Design • Biology • Business & Management Studies • Chemistry • Commerce/Marketing • Communication and Media Studies • Computer Science and Information Systems • Economics & Econometrics • Education & Training • Engineering: Biological • Engineering: Chemical • Engineering: Civil and Structural • Engineering: Electrical and Electronic • Engineering: Industrial • Engineering: Manufacturing & Production • Engineering: Mechanical • Engineering: Other • Language and Literature • International Relations/Studies/Affairs • Japanese Language and Literature • Law & Legal Studies • Liberal Arts • Logistics/Supply Chain Management • Mathematics/Physics • Medicine/Pharmacology • Politics/Public Policy • Psychology • Statistics and Operational Research • Science: Other • Other
Internship Information -
Company Profile General Engineering was established in 1972 and has been a pioneer in client support by outsourcing engineers in the fields of machinery, electronics, energy, IT, and more. It has contributed to Japanese manufacturers by providing highly skilled engineers for about half a century. Their clients consist of over 300 Japanese blue chip manufacturers. General Engineering strongly believe that their mission is to continuously contribute to the manufacturing industry by providing our up-and-coming engineers.
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